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Your Financial Sustainability Is Our Concern

To be a leading cooperative society organization in Nigeria, with dynamic platforms that ensures financial sustainability and growth for his members and affiliates in Africa and beyond.

Who We Are

We are Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society LTD, a cooperative society that is formed and duly registered under the cooperative society regulatory Act of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and in operations since April 2019.

As a cooperative society, we strive to meet the basic needs of all our members in areas such as Welfare financing, Business financing, Projects financing and Healthcare financing.

To achieve this, we invest our cooperative funds on commercial businesses such as:
  • Sharp Sand Dredging, Sales and Supply Business.
  • Real Estate Development / Properties Investment Business.
  • Civil Engineering Contracts / Consultancy Business.
  • Agriculture Business.
  • Hospitality (Hotel Management and Recreation/ Entertainment Business.

It's also very important for you to know that our cooperative society was founded, owned and presently been managed by a group of professionals with expertise in business and finance. This group of people makeup our Board of Trustees known and referred to as Global Masters Shareholders Group. They are responsible for the running of the day to day business and finance management of the cooperative society.

Our Worth

Since our commencement of operation in 2019, our physical assets comprising of Landed Properties, Heavy Duty Sharp Sand Dredging Machine, Heavy Duty Trucks and other Investments are worth over Three Hundred and Sixty-Seven Million, Two Hundred and Eighty-Four Thousand, Five Hundred and Seventy-Three Naira (N367,284,573.00). It should be noted that our physical assets as valued and calculated are very transparent and verifiable by all interested persons. Our cooperative society has a constitution that regulates the activities of all registered members, who are all mandated to have a copy each. Our charitable activities at Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society LTD has endeared us to highly recognized international charitable organizations that we work and partner with. Honestly we look forward to see you and work with you in unity as you become part of us here in Global Masters Trust Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society LTD.


Eng. Mohammad Kanaan

Chairman of the Board of Trustees & President of the cooperative

Eng. Jah-Tega Obukadata

Executive Director Marketing, Media & publicity, & Vice President Of the Coorperative

Eng. Jude Omaavuanye

Executive Director Research, Planning & Investment, & Secretary of the Board of Trustees

John Okoro

Executive Director Logisitics & Public Relations, Member Board of Trustees

Clara Ngozi Onyeocha

Senior Special Assistant (SSA) For GMT On Lagos State Business Affairs, Marketing, Media And Publicity

Contact Us:

For more information or enquiries you can reach us via the following 

Head Office Address

35 Eweje Street, Mafoluku-Osodi, Lagos State,Nigeria

Phone: +23490130777816

Email: info@globalmastertust.com

Main Sharp Sand Dredging Site

Ethiope River, Ajatitor Community Mosogar, Sapele City, Delta State, Nigeria

Phone no: +23409130677816, +2348161670936

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